Is your body shop business stuck in neutral?

"Developing a Winner's Mindset" is the secret to a mindset that unlocks limitless potential - for you AND your business!


Gain More Confidence

Overcome what holds you back from your potential and discover a new belief in your ability to step out boldly and reach new heights of success! 

Stop Limiting Your Own Potential

Dare to challenge a lifetime of old beliefs and mental programming and create the life and business you want!

Gain Freedom to be the Best Version of Yourself

Step out of the box of others' expectations to embrace who you are and are meant to be. Adios, status quo!

High-achievers and go-getters in collision repair are always ready to go further, learn more, become better. 

THIS is the beginning of a winner's mindset! It is accessible to each of us. With it, we can reach unbelievable levels of success.

With this course and the keys it contains, you can activate a mindset for success in your life and business. Dave Luehr shares the secrets he has learned from the school of hard knocks (PhD!), collision industry leaders and other high-achievers to…

  • Gain new self-confidence.
  • Bust through limitations holding you back.
  • Discover real freedom in letting go of the status quo.
  • Bring dreams and goals (new & old!) to life.
  • Succeed beyond what you can currently visualize.

Let's get you on your way to achieving that next level of success that, right now, hovers just out of reach. Time to crush it!

"Great educational course, Dave! Can be applied to any business and one’s personal life. If one can be open minded to see things from a different perspective it can change your world."

- Frank Rinaudo, Frank's Accurate Body Shop, Slidell, LA - 

Get to Know Dave Luehr...

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Dave Luehr, the creator and instructor of "Developing a Winner's Mindset." My journey of both successes and failures began over thirty years ago as an enthusiastic teenager who loved cars and auto body shops. Along the way, I discovered a passion for entrepreneurialism and started my first million-dollar business with just a one-hundred-dollar bill and a paint gun, only to lose everything a few short years later.

My journey back to the top included working in leadership positions for many of America’s leading collision repairers as an operational expert and collision process engineer. Now, I have the privilege of sharing what I have learned! As the founder of Elite Body Shop Solutions and the Academy, a keynote speaker and author of The Secrets of America’s Greatest Body ShopsI am excited to see others discover their limitless potential!

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