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Limitless | adj. Infinite possibilities come to those who believe.

Continued learning. Personal development. Professional growth. These keys to unlocking limitless potential are at the core of the Elite Body Shop Academy.

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Operations Monthly LIVE

Each month, collision industry operations and leadership coach, Dave Luehr, teaches the world’s best operational practices LIVE. These one-hour LIVECASTS will help you improve your skills, get your questions answered directly by Dave and interact with other high-performing body shop operators. Walk away with an ACTION PLAN, not a bunch of theory!

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Developing a Winner's Mindset

Is your body shop business stuck in neutral? You may have heard Dave Luehr say, "Right now is the greatest time in history to be in the collision repair business...but only for those with the right mindset." 

"Developing a Winner's Mindset" is the secret to a mindset that unlocks limitless potential - for you AND your business! Gain more confidence. Bust through limitations. Discover real freedom in letting go of the status quo. Now is the time! 

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July 30th FREE Webinar

"I-CAR’s Training and Recognition Program Enhancements Benefit Collision Repairers" with Nick Notte from I-CAR

Are you Familiar with I-CAR’s NEW Professional Development Program?

Join I-CAR’s Nick Notte on July 30th at 1:00 PM CDT as he goes live with Dave Luehr to inform you with all you need to know about I-CAR’s latest Professional Development Program (PDP).

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Watch the Elite Webinar Series

We host FREE monthly educational webinars covering a wide range of topics designed to keep collision repairers and those that serve them abreast of the latest information for success in today’s challenging business environment.

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Elite Scheduling Training

Too many body shops are still “winging it” when it comes to scheduling repair jobs into their shops. Poor scheduling systems are a recipe for disaster, but smarter scheduling may be easier than you think and even easier to obtain!

World-class “lean” operators know the solution lies in their ability to schedule repair jobs into their system as needed and reduce the amount of Work-In-Process that massively contributes to crappy cash flow!

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Production Scheduling Tool

Every shop has unique goals and resources that are essential to an effective schedule. The Elite Production Scheduling Tool uses your own management system data to create a simple, customized scheduling solution for your business! Eliminate the chaos and confusion from over-complicated and ineffective systems and make your schedule work for you!

Note: For any management system other than CCC One, ProfitNet or Mitchell Repair Center with Analytics, please contact us  before purchasing. 

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Elite Blueprinting Guide

Body shops only make money when a technician actually works on the car. So, to optimize profitability, we eliminate wasteful delays with good systems, right?

Effective blueprinting can have a dramatic effect on important KPIs such as cycle time, customer satisfaction and profitability. The key is 'effective.' 

This digital guide outlines, step-by-step, how to create a simple, EFFECTIVE blueprinting system, no matter the size of your shop!

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Body Shop Secrets Audiobook

The Secrets of America's Greatest Body Shops - The book that will challenge everything you know about the collision repair business. As author Dave Luehr says, "Right now is the best time to be in the collision repair business, but only for those with the right mindset."

Now available as an audiobook for those of you who don't have time read! Check it out on Audible or iTunes! Kindle, audio & paperback are available on Amazon

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Elite Mentor

Elite Mentor serves the independent collision repairer with a unique and refreshing approach to coaching, consulting, and educational services that lead to world-class results for collision shops. Elite Mentors guide their clients to new heights, helping them reach their goals and achieve new levels of personal excellence previously thought impossible.
A coach. A critical friend. A sounding board. An industry expert. It’s like having a personal trainer to ensure you are continuously successful!
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