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Let's recap! The keys to effective scheduling...


Know and maintain your optimum WIP (Little's Law).



Schedule to production needs.


Triage repairs based on category size.

So, how do I apply this?

You already have all the data you need in your management system. Let us help you discover it and put it to use.

The  Elite Production Scheduling Tool

The start to finish solution to eliminating chaos!

Built from your management system data, with all the training necessary for you and your staff, this tool is the answer for simple, sustainable scheduling in your body shop!
How to get your custom Elite Production Scheduling Tool: 
  1. Purchase the tool. 
  2. Work with Elite Training Manager, Brent Henkle, to collect your management system data. 
  3. Relax while we build your custom tool and scheduling form.
  4. Receive one-on-one training with Elite Training Manager, Brent Henkle.
  5. Train your team on your scheduling SOP. Elite will provide a video to teach the tool.
  6. Experience ongoing support from the Elite Team for one year.
  7. Update your Elite Production Scheduling Tool each year with your most current management system data for only $100!

First come, first serve due to the hands-on customization of each Elite Production Scheduling Tool.



The Production Scheduling Tool is based on your unique management system data. If you use CCC One, ProfitNet or Mitchell Repair Center with Analytics, the reports are readily available. For all other management software, contact us prior to purchasing so our team can assess whether the necessary data is available.

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