Discover How Independent Collision Repairers Can Differentiate & Dominate in a Time When Consolidators Continue to Grow.





Do you feel dominated or dominant?

Too many completely capable shops are merely scraping by. Yet there is incredible opportunity and abundance available to collision repairers who understand the principles we teach in our new course, Dominating the Competition!

Shops who successfully dominated last year possessed a different approach. The most successful shops operate with the belief that it is time to stop competing and start dominating!



It's time to build a business that makes your competition irrelevant!

No matter whether your shop is struggling or successful, the next level of domination is within reach. Dominating the Competition delivers a powerful 4 hours of practical, modern, and effective education you can put to use immediately. 

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My name is Dave Luehr, collision industry coach, founder of Elite Body Shop Solutions, and author of The Secrets of America’s Greatest Body Shops. I have spent a lifetime studying, applying, and teaching the habits, strategies and lessons learned from the world’s highest performing body shops. I am excited to share our new online course and show you the way the most successful shops crush competitors in times of uncertainty!

The Course

Learn and apply the PROVEN methods in this 6-Step Framework for success:

  • Mindset :: Specific ways winners think differently and how anyone can think like a winner. 
  • Differentiate :: Differentiating your business model to make your competitors irrelevant.
  • Customer Experience :: Secrets that will make all your customers tell their friends and family to come to you!
  • Culture & Recruitment :: How to recruit and retain the best employees so you can grow your business faster.
  • Processes :: Operational processes that will allow your company to process vehicles with higher quality, consistency, and improved profitability.
  • Peers :: Why the people you choose to be in your peer group are either elevating you or keeping you stuck.

PLUS hours of valuable bonus content! Keep reading for all the details...

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Dominating the Competition was originally a live training for our Operations Monthly LIVE members. They've seen so much benefit from the framework that we are offering it to our entire Elite Community!!

“Elite’s new Dominating the Competition course really lays the groundwork for your shop to dominate! Between the OML, Mastermind and Limitless E programs that Elite provides there is so much great information out there, so I especially like how they consolidated the topics into one course. I love that the course is broken up into sections as well, so you can easily go back for a refresher in certain areas. If you want to dominate, you need to take this course!”

– KENA DACUS, Owner of Dacus Auto Body in McPherson, KS

As if a proven framework for success  wasn't enough...

level up your success with 5 incredible BONUSES!


Great educational content is only as good as your ability to implement and we've included worksheets and reference materials for that reason. Build a CUSTOM, written Domination Plan for your shop during the training!

Start building your custom domination plan...


Mini-lessons from two of the best marketing minds in the collision industry! 

  1. Turn your customers into a salesforce of advocates for your business with Nick Schoolcraft,  President of Phoenix Solutions Group and the industry’s leading expert on the behavioral science of collision repair customers. 
  2. Attract business to your door with the incredible "Fishing" techniques shared by the one and only Ryan Taylor, founder of Bodyshop Booster.
Learn from the marketing experts!

We are not stopping there…

I want you to not only survive as a collision repairer… I want you to DOMINATE! So I am including a couple more bonus video lessons to help you do that…

BONUS #3 and #4

  • Production Management 101 from Operations Monthly LIVE! If you and your team are tired of chasing your tails… engaged in endless crises management, this one-hour training will change your life!
  • Limitless Grit from Limitless E Coaching! We all know that massive success in life and business requires massive GRIT! In this bonus class, I will teach you how to have more determination, discipline, and grittiness – even if you think you weren’t born with it! Grit is a skill you can learn…
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If that is not enough, I am also excited to invite you to be my guest during one of our exciting LIVE managerial training sessions called Operations Monthly LIVE. During this one-hour live training, you will join dozens of North America’s best operators as we learn managerial, operational, and leadership skills together!

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Dominating the Competition was originally a live training for our Operations Monthly LIVE members. They've seen so much benefit from the framework that we are offering it to our entire Elite Community!!

"I found the info incredibly valuable. While we think we are doing a pretty good job, once I watched the course I realized we need a tune up. The worksheet dramatically helps formulate a game plan for short term goals to work on. We will be sharing with the team soon."

– TOM RICCI, Owner of Body & Paint Center in Hudson, MA


If you want to be a dominant force in the collision repair business, this is the course for you! 

  • Dominating the Competition course – valued at $599
  • Downloadable worksheets and implementation plan – valued at $49
  • Bonus Marketing Lessons with Ryan Taylor and Nick Schoolcraft – valued at $295
  • Production Management 101 video training – valued at $79
  • Limitless Grit video training – valued at $50
  • Operations Monthly LIVE guest – valued at $79

Total value – $1,151


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Success is not determined by luck, formal education or money.

I have been an advocate for independent collision repairers since I started Elite Body Shop Solutions in 2014. We have successfully helped hundreds of independently owned collision repair shops and dealership body shops not only survive, but massively thrive. Dominating the Competition contains a wealth of information that is designed to let ordinary shops do extraordinary things.

What surprises many people is that the highest performing shops in the world are quite often led by very normal people doing brilliant things because they refuse to abide by the "way it’s always done” mentality. These amazing operators have proven over and over again that it is not luck, amount of formal education, or money in the bank that determines the level of success. It’s a willingness to learn and apply new things as the world continues to change.

Try out Dominating the Competition for just $97 and let me earn your trust as the coach who can help guide you in a world of constant change and exciting opportunity!

Start Dominating Like Never Before!

**Money back guarantee! If you're not fully satisfied within the first 30 days, we'll refund your purchase.

Dominating the Competition was originally a live training for our Operations Monthly LIVE members. They've seen so much benefit from the framework that we are offering it to our entire Elite Community!!

"I think this course brings together everything I have watched of Dave’s before. I have been a part of Operations Monthly LIVE for over a year now and this course really helped drive home the message he is trying to send to us monthly. 

After somebody watches this, I really think they will understand how to start their journey.  Everyone creates goals and plans but a lot of people do not know how to start them. I think if someone sits down and really puts in the time and effort they will be able to create this strategy for themselves.

For me one of the big moments was making yourself different.  We like to think we are different at our shop but it made me think for a second and go 'do we really do that much different than the rest of the people in town?'"

– JOHN GARDNER, Rydell Collision Center in Grand Forks, ND