Simple, Effective Scheduling IS Possible!

Are You Running Your Schedule OR Is Your Schedule Running YOU (Ragged)?

Smarter scheduling may be easier than you think and even easier to obtain! Experts Dave Luehr & Ron Kuehn share their scheduling best practices in this webinar from October 2018:


Revolutionary scheduling doesn't have to mean complicated!

Elite Production Scheduling Tool

Near the end, you saw a demonstration of the Production Scheduling Tool – a simple, powerful solution!

With the Production Scheduling Tool, the Elite Team uses your own management system data for a simple, customized scheduling solution for your business! 

How to get your customized production scheduling tool:
  1. Work with an Elite Mentor to collect your unique management system data.
  2. Relax while we build your custom-made production scheduling tool and scheduling form.
  3. Watch a training video so you and your team can use the tool effectively.
  4. Receive ongoing support for one year.
  5. Update your Elite Production Scheduling tool each year for only $75!

Purchase your scheduling tool today! It is first come, first serve due to the hands-on customization of each Scheduling Tool.


The Production Scheduling Tool is based on your unique management system data. If you use CCC One, ProfitNet or Mitchell Repair Center with Analytics, the reports are readily available. For all other management software, contact us prior to purchasing the scheduling tool so that our team can assess whether the necessary data is available. 

Not sure if the Production Scheduling Tool is what you need?

See it in action! Click the link below to request a complimentary Live Demo of the Elite Production Scheduling Tool & get your questions answered!


Get to Know Dave Luehr...

Thanks for stopping by! My journey of both successes and failures began over thirty years ago as an enthusiastic teenager who loved cars and auto body shops. Along the way, I discovered a passion for entrepreneurialism and started my first million-dollar business with just a one-hundred-dollar bill and a paint gun, only to lose everything a few short years later.

My journey back to the top included working in leadership positions for many of America’s leading collision repairers as an operational expert and collision process engineer. Now, I have the privilege of sharing what I have learned! As the founder of Elite Body Shop Solutions and the Academy, a keynote speaker and author of The Secrets of America’s Greatest Body ShopsI am excited to see others discover their limitless potential!


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