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Online peer groups for high-performing collision repairers.

Are you ready to think big AND experience big results?

It's time to take body shop peer groups to a new level with Elite Mastermind:
  • Dynamic, online small group coaching,
  • Peer-to-peer support and problem solving,
  • An international network to connect with,
  • A robust training library, and
  • A comprehensive, daily KPI Dashboard with group composite.
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When a group of forward-thinking people share resources, knowledge, and encouragement, the group’s performance and prosperity as a whole far exceeds the sum of its parts.
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In today’s collision repair world, independent collision repairers can no longer afford to stand alone and expect to succeed. Since first reading Napoleon Hill’s book Think & Grow Rich as a young body shop owner, I have been obsessed with the “mastermind” principle and how body shops can use its power.

The world’s highest achievers credit most of their success to the people they surround themselves with. From industrial giants like Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford, to the world’s best body shop operators, achievers have always known they must align themselves with peers dedicated to helping each other grow.

That is why we created Elite Mastermind Groups.

It takes a tribe and an experienced coach to lead collision repairers to the highest levels of performance excellence. I would be honored to be your coach and am excited to offer a solution for those of you who are unwilling to settle for the status quo – those seeking a community of high performers dedicated to becoming the best!

Your Elite High-Performance Coach,

Dave Luehr

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Our community of high-performers has spoken. We simply listened.

There is a hunger in our industry. A hunger for growth, for knowledge, for motivation, for support, for community.

Virtual peer groups are the answer!

Elite Mastermind Groups...

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Are Not Limited

by paint brands, by location or size of your business. This is an international network!

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Are Convenient!

Virtual meetings means no travel required or valuable time away from your shop.

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Challenge You

to continue to grow. No fear of these groups getting stale as each member strives for their best!

In order to ensure results, we are taking peer groups even further!
  • With high-performance coaches with real-world auto body experience to facilitate high-performance results!
  • By connecting an international network of mastermind groups and independent collision repairers together!
  • With a training library designed to meet the operations and management needs of our members!
  • By gathering the critical KPI's for growth into a dashboard for daily at-a-glance review!
  • With group composites that let you know where you stand in relation to your peers!
Discover What Mastermind Can Do for You in a Personal Introduction with Dave Luehr

It's time to shine a light on what we can accomplish. Together.

Fresh perspectives. Renewed motivation. High energy. Honest feedback. Effective brainstorming. Shared experience. Specific knowledge. Valuable resources.

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Testimonials from Around the World...

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“Since we have been attending Dave’s coaching groups we have been more engaged as a team to get things done! The group that we have been working with has a range of knowledge and input that we all learn from. No one holds back with suggestions; if it doesn’t apply to my shop it will help someone in the group push through a bottleneck in their shop. We will definitely continue to learn and prosper from Dave’s coaching groups!!”

– Matt Boucher, CARSTAR Collingwood in Ontario, Canada

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New Zealand

“After 33 years of industry experience it is great to be a part of Dave’s Coaching Group community and have access to coaching, business resources and ongoing industry training from Dave Luehr’s Elite Body Shop Academy …. essential and valuable information for any business owner wanting to take their collision repair business to the next level of excellence.”

– Annette Kirk, Maidstone Panelbeaters Ltd in Upper Hutt, New Zealand

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United States

“Being part of Dave’s coaching group has given me insight into different management processes that have helped other shop Owners strengthen their companies. It has also encouraged me to step up my game by hearing what other shop Owners have accomplished.”

– Bob Winters, South of the Square Collision Center in North Ridgeville, Ohio, USA

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Let's Work Together for Success with a Personal Introduction to Elite Mastermind Groups

Experience unparalleled body shop success with Elite Mastermind!

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Get to Know Elite Founder, Dave Luehr:

I began my journey of body shop successes and failures over thirty years ago as an enthusiastic teenager behind a broom who loved cars and auto body shops. I started my first million-dollar business with just a one-hundred-dollar bill and a paint gun, only to lose everything a few short years later.

I thought I had seen so much on my journey back to the top in body shop leadership, but we are now facing, together, previously unimaginable challenges.

There is a key word there: together. Together we are being challenged and together we can overcome. The Elite Community and collision repair leaders inspire me with their resilience and strength to confront each challenge. Together. 

I hope that, by joining this community, you will be inspired as I have been. We will overcome.

Be Bold. Be Learning. Be Limitless.
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