Take Control of Your Body Shop Operations

It seems that chaos reigns in most body shops. So much energy spent putting out fires leaves little to focus on growth. Ready to say 'no more' to reactive operations and take proactive control? 

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Take Back Control & Reduce the Chaos

with monthly live training and support from a community of other successful operators. 

Make More Money

with less chaos and no need for a 'chief firefighter!' Direct your energy to learning the financial side of the business and focus on growth.

Build a Sustainable Business

that thrives in the future with core processes and a winning culture that flows with industry changes!

Operations Monthly LIVE

with Dave Luehr, founder of Elite Body Shop Solutions and author of "The Secrets of America's Greatest Body Shops"

Join collision industry operations and leadership coach, Dave Luehr, teaching the world’s best operational practices live. Each month you can join Dave’s one-hour LIVECAST where you will improve your skills, get your questions answered directly by Dave, and interact with other successful body shop operators.

These LIVECASTS blend world-class operational techniques and strategies with much-needed leadership and influence training so that participants can successfully implement and sustain the operational techniques learned each month.

Some topics subscribers can expect to learn include…

  • Scheduling repairs and estimates
  • Lean and Theory of Constraints (T.O.C.) production methods and thinking
  • Influence/ implementation skills and strategies
  • Building a winning culture
  • Holding productive meetings
  • Blueprinting/repair planning
  • Financial management
  • Pay plans and bonus strategies that motivate

Operations Monthly Live subscribers have access to downloadable tools, written support documents and an exclusive online community to support the message of the month. Each LIVECAST is recorded and made accessible to subscribers in their Elite Body Shop Academy account, where they can watch the replay as often as they like. 

Dave Luehr and his Elite Mentor Team have been teaching successful shop owners this game-changing information one-on-one for years and now through Operations Monthly LIVE, shop operators world-wide can learn this same cutting-edge information at a fraction of the cost, and without leaving their office!

Dave’s clients have a track record of massively improving their businesses’ profitability and taking back control of their businesses and lives and Operations Monthly LIVE subscribers can expect the same. Applying the information is the key, and Dave will give subscribers not only the information needed, but the tips and tricks to apply it in the “real world” of the collision repair business. Subscribers of Operations Monthly Live can expect to…

  • Take back control of the business and reduce the craziness.
  • Make more money while learning the financial side of business.
  • Build processes to produce higher quality and consistency.
  • Create a winning culture that embraces the fast-pace world of change.
  • Learn the secrets and perform like the world’s best operators.
  • Build a sustainable business that will thrive well into the future.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you don’t love the information taught LIVE every month… If you don’t love the recorded classes already in your Elite Body Shop Academy library… If you don’t love all of the bonuses and tools we provide… I will give you your money back!

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"Dave Luehr’s Operations Monthly LIVE is a great tool for shop owners wanting to improve their shop in so many ways. Dave has helped Carstar Body Best Collision Sonoma and Suisun set goals and achieve them with great tips for work flow!! The great thing is I can watch these live broadcasts from home or work. Thanks, Dave, for the great work on improving the collision industry."

Dino Di Giulio
Carstar Body Best Collision

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